Inspired by ideas and the spirit of a Silicon Valley visit, we are now launching the first scalable individual product after almost six months. With our „AR Solution“ we bring the playful idea of ​​software handling to the customer. Augmented Reality can be operated with a variety of accessibility features. We focus on the presentation with the help of mobile devices and the hololens. Animations, 3D exploded views and linked videos give our customers a huge lead over the competition. Machine manufacturers are currently our end customers. They are always searching for new possibilities to present their “Standing Alone Machines” to the customers.  The „AR“ presentation on tablets or smartphones is innovative and definitely creates a WOW-effect. For their trade fair exhibitions, companies can digitally project their machines onto an empty space. A combination of tablets, hololens and screens with real-time videos highlight each stand at a trade fair or for customer effect room. So full speed ahead, also the industry may play with the latest digital achievements!   For the english Version klick HERE